Well, I don’t have much spare time but when I do, I love being outdoors.

Sometimes, it’s taking the dogs to the lake.


Or just taking a walk in nature.

 I also love to ride my motorcycle and drag race.
I am a member of SLICK WICKED, an all women drag racing team!

 11219530_10204803625632945_7648565392885122020_n.jpg 10801595_862103133840471_2813086232808906474_n

The rest of my time is spent organizing for the many businesses that count on me, preparing for an event or dealing with the aftermath, cleaning up fur and poop, and educationing myself on ways to improve our communities


A few of my favorite things:

Warm, cozy socks
Gel shoe inserts
Caramel Lattes
Large bodies of Water (Lake, River, Ocean)
Real Hugs

Bucket List Items:

Tour Italy
Learn to play the drums
Ride on a train
Go see Sequoias
Bury Treasures and create a map
Learn Sign Language






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