Who’s your friend

So I randomly write things down in notebooks. Since I’ve done it all my life, I have a lot of notebooks full of random what nots. I’m trying to condense and purge. I came across this collection of words that will help you differentiate who your friends actually are.

Friends are not the ones that are there for you when you are down.  Oh no, friends are the ones who stick around when circumstances around you are going well. When work is productive and you don’t have as much free time, they accept it while letting you know you are missed. When life is blessing you, you they will be encouraging. Real friends won’t hang around while to wallow in a miserable relationship. They will educate you from their outside perspective but they may step away from you is you continue make bad choices for yourself because they can’t watch you suffer. A friend is not afraid to hurt your feelings. They are not selfish of your time. Lots of people are willing to support you when you are beneath them, but will they have your back when you rise above and are blessed.   – JLM