Find your Peace


Whether we  want to recognize it or nor not, the majority of the population is busy.
Kids, bills, work, charity, pets, social engagements, housework, etc…
Adulting is Hard.
Then is gets harder when people are lazy or unobservant and disregard others while making a proverbial mess for others to clean up
Then it gets even harder when the haters come along and simply want to hurt others.

So, it becomes ever increasing important to find your peace, to be still.
I have a hard time with this and sometimes my body forces it on me by shutting down and keeping me in the bed or on the couch for what I feel like is far too long.

But when I maintain my balance (a balance between peace and everything else), I’m able to get a major amount of things accomplished and not let things drive me crazy.

“So how do I do that?” you ask.
Say, “No.”

Say no to the things that don’t align with your goals. Say no to the people that don’t add value to your life. Say no to the events that may clutter the family’s schedule in a way that you cannot enjoy each other.

The world is not going to fall apart if you don’t do “this or that” but you might and it’s not worth it.

I know that it may not seem that easy when all the “buts” come along…
…but people count on me,
…but who will do it if I don’t,
…but I will lose them.

However, I promise no one is going to fix all the problems while you’re on break.
Those that really love you will stay.
And, you will be more capable of handling all of life’s difficulties after you seek a little clarity that Peace has to offer.

So whether your peace is hiking or family dinner around the table or brushing off a person that just constantly pulls on you, I wish you strength in making better decisions for yourself.







Sometimes I amaze myself. I was SUPER accomplished today. I had already visited 9 places between Gville and Inman by noon thirty including dropping off furries at the vet, dropping off #givingchewsday donation bins, handling event prep, & mailing out Thanksgiving cards to SBTH supporters. I went and let my friend’s dogs out, came home to let my dogs out. I did various things around Monroe Manor like laundry, feeding creatures, and spraying goo off pet blankets while the winds blow the water back into my face on a cold fall day. I went back out to pick up donations, gossip with another rescue friend, make ready some things for the Christmas market next week, and pick up furries from the vet. I even ran power out to the chicken coop so I can get some warmers out there.

I also coordinated some medical help for a family pet in Woodruff because people on the other side of the state contacted me on the family’s behalf. I paired the family up with #monroesmightymission and did all the leg work to help save others the trouble.

I mean seriously, I have impressed myself with these achievements.

On top of that, I was excited to come home to poop all over my bedroom floor and bathtub because it meant I wouldn’t have to take my Rusty Cat to the vet tomorrow. (He has a deformed pelvis and his feces is too big for the canal so he’s been stopped up for 3 days and I’ve been fervently giving him laxative type stuff. Eureka! we now have poo!) I almost wanted to show you all the wasteland I had to clean up this evening but I will spare you.

Instead, as luck would have it, I received this cute little treat in the mail today and decided to share. I saw it on one of those cheapy apparel places that advertise on Facebook which upon further inspection had terrible reviews so I instead ordered this off of Etsy from a company that had fabulous reviews. So all my hard work today amounted to this cute little top that I will be wearing frequently this winter as long as I don’t put fabric softener on it which was stated as a big No-No via the instructions that came with it.

So most days I am completely discombobulated as many people will attest to, but today I lived up to my motto which is “I make shit happen”. Now, I usually PG that down too “I make things happen” but today it needs the extra emphasis of the key word because I actually did that both literally (with the cat) and figuratively (with sheer volume of items checked off the to-do list).

Now I’m going to spend the evening doing paperwork, staring at approximately 2000 (yes, that many zeros) emails, and watching more #GilmoreGirls.

Is it Thursday yet? I need food and shopping.

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Write down the Directions

I use to read success books all the time. And even now, though I rarely have time for casual reading, I still pick up those books before bed or to take with me when I think I’ll actually get time to read (which I never do).

One common thing all the success authors will tell you is “write it down”. Your goals, your desires, your purpose.  Dream boards, bucket lists, diaries.
Occasionally I do…write it down.

It’s nice because you can go back and look at them. It can give you a sense of direction. Have you gone forward or backward or stayed stagnant? If you are not where you want to be, you can adjust course to get there. They become the X on the map that you have yet to complete.

Well today I found one of my ‘writings’ from Mayish 2014:

“My purpose is to use my self motivation and ability to see potential to get other people involved and inspire them to work together to create a better world.”

An ever evolving goal that reminds me not to get weighed down with the muck life can throw at me. I am not here for me. Carry on.


My day consisted of blessings.
My car has a malfunctioning sensor so sometimes it will not allowed me to lock my doors. And sometimes it won’t accelerate properly so I only get up to like 30 mph. I have to restart it like 40 times and eventually it operates efficiently. Today I was behind schedule, in a hurry to every place I went. Car worked fine, no issues.
My day consisted of new beginnings.
I watched God unite the sweetest family.
I was so excited to see #southernjewelgetshitched and they deserve so much happiness.
I watched pets get a new chance at life.
Until Greenville County leaders make a commitment to the no kill equation, pets can still lose their life for just existing.
I am in love with these Let’em Live Upstate adoption events that include multiple organizations coming together to save lives in this community.   It warms me so when someone gets involved and says “I’m going to tell my school, church, work, etc. about this”…when people realize they can do a little something.  As one person, I can work my butt off and it’s just spinning wheels, but together we make real change.
My day consisted of happy tears.
I very much appreciate those that stopped by just to show support.  I certainly don’t expect folks to adopt a pet every time they see me.  I do hope you’ll consider us when you’re ready but what is really meaningful is when folks just show up to say hey, bring the family by, or bring me #starbucks ;). And my biggest thank yous go out to those that have my back, regularly come volunteer,  take it upon themselves to make newsletters,  start programs, fulfill their commitments, donate when needed.  I’m nothing without you all.
Also, I lost it to see one of my oldest friends dance with his children and new wife at their wedding.  Like literally had a waterfall flowing from my face. Such a gorgeous family.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend y’all. Mine has already been way better than I deserve. My cup runneth over.

Save $$ and Lives

Today I partook in a lovely lunch at the Poinsett Club where I listened to Sheriff Steve Loftis talk about several topics in our wonderful Greenville County. My favorite topic, of course, was the K9 division which they add to with the “donations” of drug busts and who are trained by the local Wannemacher family (some fabulous dog people).
But I also paid attention to the fact that the camera and radio systems on Greenville County Patrol cars and officers will need to be replaced within the next 3 yrs at a cost of more than $20 million.
When I hear of the budget concerns in our upstate municipalities, I can’t help be think about how many tax dollars can be saved when a county/city/township commits to a no-kill philosophy (90% or higher live release rate of all shelter pets) within their animal care and control.  That’s right, saving animal lives actually saves tax money. It’s nothing new – hundreds of other municipalities across the country are already doing it and can attest to the benefits.
So why aren’t we doing it here. Well, you tell me.  Or better yet, ask your local representatives.  Why is there not a single community/city/township/county committed to saving healthy, treatable pets in Upstate SC. I would love to hear the responses because I know that I have a rebuttal for all of them base on the successes that are already happening all over the US.  Charleston is doing it, Atlanta is almost there. Greenville, Spartanburg, Pickens, Anderson, all areas of SC deserve this. How do we change things? Tell your local reps and media that you don’t want your tax dollars used for killing animals. Tell them that there are other options.  If you want to get involved in the change, let me know and check out Let’em Live Upstate ( And to find out more about the No Kill Movement visit
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A quick note…

Some times it can feel like you are being pulled in a million different directions and you just want to give up. But you have to remember that we were all are put here to love on one another. So give up some of the junk so you can focus on the priorities.  Put a smile on your face and keep moving. Some people will never appreciate you but that doesn’t mean you have to stop appreciating what life has to offer. In a moment, it can be taken from you. Enjoy where you are. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy your fellow travelers.


Who’s your friend

So I randomly write things down in notebooks. Since I’ve done it all my life, I have a lot of notebooks full of random what nots. I’m trying to condense and purge. I came across this collection of words that will help you differentiate who your friends actually are.

Friends are not the ones that are there for you when you are down.  Oh no, friends are the ones who stick around when circumstances around you are going well. When work is productive and you don’t have as much free time, they accept it while letting you know you are missed. When life is blessing you, you they will be encouraging. Real friends won’t hang around while to wallow in a miserable relationship. They will educate you from their outside perspective but they may step away from you is you continue make bad choices for yourself because they can’t watch you suffer. A friend is not afraid to hurt your feelings. They are not selfish of your time. Lots of people are willing to support you when you are beneath them, but will they have your back when you rise above and are blessed.   – JLM

Lake Days

I remember the days when we only had a few furries and we could go on vacation for a week while someone came to feed/take care of them. Now, I have many, Many, MANY more and I can’t leave the house for a few hours without checking the security cameras to watch them and sending someone over to the house for a potty break.
So it is days like today that are our mini vacations.

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Animal Rescuers fight in Greenville


Here is an article and video on my recent comments at the last Greenville County Council meeting.

Trap-Neuter-Return is just one of the many topics that Let’em Live Upstate is speaking up about at Greenville County Council meetings. Our current policies and ordinances in the area do not reflect the innovative, forward-thinking society that we have here. Tens of thousands of animals are dying in our upstate shelters and on our streets. There are hundreds of people that are working HARD to change those numbers but our leaders are fighting us because they just refuse to change. They laugh at our animal loving public and shame us saying our cause is not worthy.
We are not asking their money. We are not asking for their time. We are asking for them to change the shelter policies and county ordinances to allow the animal loving citizens to save those lives. Those ordinances need to set boundaries for the care of animals for those who are not willing to do it on their own.  Those ordinances need to reflect the programs that are already being successful elsewhere. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, but doing things the way they have always been done JUST ISN’T WORKING.
Why must my army of rescuers continue to suffer, haunted by the faces that they weren’t ALLOWED to save. Why must those people that choose to educate themselves on this hidden, torturous plight in our community have to suffer.  I know how it feels to look into the eyes of an innocent creature and then be destroyed when you feel like to failed them. I am tired of my rescue family pouring their blood and sweat into making this area a better place only to have our leaders brush us off like our cause is not deserving of their attention.

My rescue community has introduced me to some of the most intelligent, ingenuitive, inspiring people and LLU is bringing those people together in the upstate. Every day our numbers are growing as people join in on the conversation. Our power is multiplying with every new voice that speaks up. We are an army and I will stand to fight with you, for you. The sanctity of our lives matter.  The fact that we have dedicated our lives to the betterment of this community should be justification alone that we deserve their attention.   They brush us off as crazy animal lovers but I see a powerhouse full of potential. We are so use to dealing with excrement and cleaning up bodily fluids that we forget how influential we are. Our job description might be full of a lot of crap but our title is still LIFE SAVER, HERO. 1382861_368169706648961_2038787732_n
We are amazing. And we are going to change things here. Stay up-to-date with what’s going on over at our group page.
 Join the conversation, Join the army. Together…WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

My First Time!

My very first ever blog post – this is very exciting!!!  I created this because it was one of my bucket list items. I will have several posts about my bucket list later so moving on.
I want to tell you my interests (which are broad) so that if one these things interests you, then I’d love to have you join in on the conversation here or on one of my other many connections.
My passion is animals. I am the founder and director of a small animal rescue that likes to connect with other rescues to do big things in our area.
My work is helping others pursue their passion. Everyone has something they want to do in life and whenever people tell me about their passion, my mind immediately starts thinking of ways to grow that for them.
I love to travel but because of my chosen lifestyle (animal rescue) I’m not able to get away from the house long.
I love riding and racing my motorcycle (another bucket list item).
I’m into pets, cars, high heels, fishing, organization, makeup, racing, family, event planning, candles, music, crafts, business, recycling, seclusion, home design, girly clothes, art, tropical beaches, interesting people, functionality, saving money, food, naps, the outdoors, versatility, community, self-motivation, holidays, and smiling.
I will promise to keep things somewhat short because I don’t have time to read lengthy blogs so why should I force you to. I write kinda like I think which is in no way grammatically correct and I’m fine with you judging me about that. Just don’t voice it and we’ll both remain friends.
Now – think about your favorite place in the world to be – until next time.