Find your Peace


Whether we  want to recognize it or nor not, the majority of the population is busy.
Kids, bills, work, charity, pets, social engagements, housework, etc…
Adulting is Hard.
Then is gets harder when people are lazy or unobservant and disregard others while making a proverbial mess for others to clean up
Then it gets even harder when the haters come along and simply want to hurt others.

So, it becomes ever increasing important to find your peace, to be still.
I have a hard time with this and sometimes my body forces it on me by shutting down and keeping me in the bed or on the couch for what I feel like is far too long.

But when I maintain my balance (a balance between peace and everything else), I’m able to get a major amount of things accomplished and not let things drive me crazy.

“So how do I do that?” you ask.
Say, “No.”

Say no to the things that don’t align with your goals. Say no to the people that don’t add value to your life. Say no to the events that may clutter the family’s schedule in a way that you cannot enjoy each other.

The world is not going to fall apart if you don’t do “this or that” but you might and it’s not worth it.

I know that it may not seem that easy when all the “buts” come along…
…but people count on me,
…but who will do it if I don’t,
…but I will lose them.

However, I promise no one is going to fix all the problems while you’re on break.
Those that really love you will stay.
And, you will be more capable of handling all of life’s difficulties after you seek a little clarity that Peace has to offer.

So whether your peace is hiking or family dinner around the table or brushing off a person that just constantly pulls on you, I wish you strength in making better decisions for yourself.