Sometimes I amaze myself. I was SUPER accomplished today. I had already visited 9 places between Gville and Inman by noon thirty including dropping off furries at the vet, dropping off #givingchewsday donation bins, handling event prep, & mailing out Thanksgiving cards to SBTH supporters. I went and let my friend’s dogs out, came home to let my dogs out. I did various things around Monroe Manor like laundry, feeding creatures, and spraying goo off pet blankets while the winds blow the water back into my face on a cold fall day. I went back out to pick up donations, gossip with another rescue friend, make ready some things for the Christmas market next week, and pick up furries from the vet. I even ran power out to the chicken coop so I can get some warmers out there.

I also coordinated some medical help for a family pet in Woodruff because people on the other side of the state contacted me on the family’s behalf. I paired the family up with #monroesmightymission and did all the leg work to help save others the trouble.

I mean seriously, I have impressed myself with these achievements.

On top of that, I was excited to come home to poop all over my bedroom floor and bathtub because it meant I wouldn’t have to take my Rusty Cat to the vet tomorrow. (He has a deformed pelvis and his feces is too big for the canal so he’s been stopped up for 3 days and I’ve been fervently giving him laxative type stuff. Eureka! we now have poo!) I almost wanted to show you all the wasteland I had to clean up this evening but I will spare you.

Instead, as luck would have it, I received this cute little treat in the mail today and decided to share. I saw it on one of those cheapy apparel places that advertise on Facebook which upon further inspection had terrible reviews so I instead ordered this off of Etsy from a company that had fabulous reviews. So all my hard work today amounted to this cute little top that I will be wearing frequently this winter as long as I don’t put fabric softener on it which was stated as a big No-No via the instructions that came with it.

So most days I am completely discombobulated as many people will attest to, but today I lived up to my motto which is “I make shit happen”. Now, I usually PG that down too “I make things happen” but today it needs the extra emphasis of the key word because I actually did that both literally (with the cat) and figuratively (with sheer volume of items checked off the to-do list).

Now I’m going to spend the evening doing paperwork, staring at approximately 2000 (yes, that many zeros) emails, and watching more #GilmoreGirls.

Is it Thursday yet? I need food and shopping.

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