Write down the Directions

I use to read success books all the time. And even now, though I rarely have time for casual reading, I still pick up those books before bed or to take with me when I think I’ll actually get time to read (which I never do).

One common thing all the success authors will tell you is “write it down”. Your goals, your desires, your purpose.  Dream boards, bucket lists, diaries.
Occasionally I do…write it down.

It’s nice because you can go back and look at them. It can give you a sense of direction. Have you gone forward or backward or stayed stagnant? If you are not where you want to be, you can adjust course to get there. They become the X on the map that you have yet to complete.

Well today I found one of my ‘writings’ from Mayish 2014:

“My purpose is to use my self motivation and ability to see potential to get other people involved and inspire them to work together to create a better world.”

An ever evolving goal that reminds me not to get weighed down with the muck life can throw at me. I am not here for me. Carry on.

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