My day consisted of blessings.
My car has a malfunctioning sensor so sometimes it will not allowed me to lock my doors. And sometimes it won’t accelerate properly so I only get up to like 30 mph. I have to restart it like 40 times and eventually it operates efficiently. Today I was behind schedule, in a hurry to every place I went. Car worked fine, no issues.
My day consisted of new beginnings.
I watched God unite the sweetest family.
I was so excited to see #southernjewelgetshitched and they deserve so much happiness.
I watched pets get a new chance at life.
Until Greenville County leaders make a commitment to the no kill equation, pets can still lose their life for just existing.
I am in love with these Let’em Live Upstate adoption events that include multiple organizations coming together to save lives in this community.   It warms me so when someone gets involved and says “I’m going to tell my school, church, work, etc. about this”…when people realize they can do a little something.  As one person, I can work my butt off and it’s just spinning wheels, but together we make real change.
My day consisted of happy tears.
I very much appreciate those that stopped by just to show support.  I certainly don’t expect folks to adopt a pet every time they see me.  I do hope you’ll consider us when you’re ready but what is really meaningful is when folks just show up to say hey, bring the family by, or bring me #starbucks ;). And my biggest thank yous go out to those that have my back, regularly come volunteer,  take it upon themselves to make newsletters,  start programs, fulfill their commitments, donate when needed.  I’m nothing without you all.
Also, I lost it to see one of my oldest friends dance with his children and new wife at their wedding.  Like literally had a waterfall flowing from my face. Such a gorgeous family.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend y’all. Mine has already been way better than I deserve. My cup runneth over.