Save $$ and Lives

Today I partook in a lovely lunch at the Poinsett Club where I listened to Sheriff Steve Loftis talk about several topics in our wonderful Greenville County. My favorite topic, of course, was the K9 division which they add to with the “donations” of drug busts and who are trained by the local Wannemacher family (some fabulous dog people).
But I also paid attention to the fact that the camera and radio systems on Greenville County Patrol cars and officers will need to be replaced within the next 3 yrs at a cost of more than $20 million.
When I hear of the budget concerns in our upstate municipalities, I can’t help be think about how many tax dollars can be saved when a county/city/township commits to a no-kill philosophy (90% or higher live release rate of all shelter pets) within their animal care and control.  That’s right, saving animal lives actually saves tax money. It’s nothing new – hundreds of other municipalities across the country are already doing it and can attest to the benefits.
So why aren’t we doing it here. Well, you tell me.  Or better yet, ask your local representatives.  Why is there not a single community/city/township/county committed to saving healthy, treatable pets in Upstate SC. I would love to hear the responses because I know that I have a rebuttal for all of them base on the successes that are already happening all over the US.  Charleston is doing it, Atlanta is almost there. Greenville, Spartanburg, Pickens, Anderson, all areas of SC deserve this. How do we change things? Tell your local reps and media that you don’t want your tax dollars used for killing animals. Tell them that there are other options.  If you want to get involved in the change, let me know and check out Let’em Live Upstate ( And to find out more about the No Kill Movement visit
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