Lake Days

I remember the days when we only had a few furries and we could go on vacation for a week while someone came to feed/take care of them. Now, I have many, Many, MANY more and I can’t leave the house for a few hours without checking the security cameras to watch them and sending someone over to the house for a potty break.
So it is days like today that are our mini vacations.

     11018640_10204520883404566_2681180425133664418_n  11059156_10204520886324639_1299874297704105195_n   11168911_10204520980166985_7930646010043352076_n    11350467_10204516646738652_1886195867081802713_n  11539622_10204520885564620_6569963961226381539_n   11665371_10204516643658575_1432449574737086010_n    11666148_10204520980326989_3633400674287235125_n       11698555_10204516643378568_2195746507257429089_n  11703081_10204520884884603_7074042323957647274_n