Animal Rescuers fight in Greenville


Here is an article and video on my recent comments at the last Greenville County Council meeting.

Trap-Neuter-Return is just one of the many topics that Let’em Live Upstate is speaking up about at Greenville County Council meetings. Our current policies and ordinances in the area do not reflect the innovative, forward-thinking society that we have here. Tens of thousands of animals are dying in our upstate shelters and on our streets. There are hundreds of people that are working HARD to change those numbers but our leaders are fighting us because they just refuse to change. They laugh at our animal loving public and shame us saying our cause is not worthy.
We are not asking their money. We are not asking for their time. We are asking for them to change the shelter policies and county ordinances to allow the animal loving citizens to save those lives. Those ordinances need to set boundaries for the care of animals for those who are not willing to do it on their own.  Those ordinances need to reflect the programs that are already being successful elsewhere. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, but doing things the way they have always been done JUST ISN’T WORKING.
Why must my army of rescuers continue to suffer, haunted by the faces that they weren’t ALLOWED to save. Why must those people that choose to educate themselves on this hidden, torturous plight in our community have to suffer.  I know how it feels to look into the eyes of an innocent creature and then be destroyed when you feel like to failed them. I am tired of my rescue family pouring their blood and sweat into making this area a better place only to have our leaders brush us off like our cause is not deserving of their attention.

My rescue community has introduced me to some of the most intelligent, ingenuitive, inspiring people and LLU is bringing those people together in the upstate. Every day our numbers are growing as people join in on the conversation. Our power is multiplying with every new voice that speaks up. We are an army and I will stand to fight with you, for you. The sanctity of our lives matter.  The fact that we have dedicated our lives to the betterment of this community should be justification alone that we deserve their attention.   They brush us off as crazy animal lovers but I see a powerhouse full of potential. We are so use to dealing with excrement and cleaning up bodily fluids that we forget how influential we are. Our job description might be full of a lot of crap but our title is still LIFE SAVER, HERO. 1382861_368169706648961_2038787732_n
We are amazing. And we are going to change things here. Stay up-to-date with what’s going on over at our group page.
 Join the conversation, Join the army. Together…WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!