My First Time!

My very first ever blog post – this is very exciting!!!  I created this because it was one of my bucket list items. I will have several posts about my bucket list later so moving on.
I want to tell you my interests (which are broad) so that if one these things interests you, then I’d love to have you join in on the conversation here or on one of my other many connections.
My passion is animals. I am the founder and director of a small animal rescue that likes to connect with other rescues to do big things in our area.
My work is helping others pursue their passion. Everyone has something they want to do in life and whenever people tell me about their passion, my mind immediately starts thinking of ways to grow that for them.
I love to travel but because of my chosen lifestyle (animal rescue) I’m not able to get away from the house long.
I love riding and racing my motorcycle (another bucket list item).
I’m into pets, cars, high heels, fishing, organization, makeup, racing, family, event planning, candles, music, crafts, business, recycling, seclusion, home design, girly clothes, art, tropical beaches, interesting people, functionality, saving money, food, naps, the outdoors, versatility, community, self-motivation, holidays, and smiling.
I will promise to keep things somewhat short because I don’t have time to read lengthy blogs so why should I force you to. I write kinda like I think which is in no way grammatically correct and I’m fine with you judging me about that. Just don’t voice it and we’ll both remain friends.
Now – think about your favorite place in the world to be – until next time.